In collaboration with Microsoft Italia, Microsoft Innovation Center Torino organizes training activities focused on the Microsoft technologies both in the MIC Training Room (Via Pier Carlo Boggio,59 Torino) and in all Italian Regions.

IoT Immersion Events in the Microsoft IoT Competence Center Torino
In the 2015 Microsoft Italia and ST Microelectronics launched the Microsoft IoT Competence Center at MIC Torino, Istituto Superiore Mario Boella. MIC Torino is involved in the IoT Immersion events to bring its technical experience with demo and best practices focused on the Microsoft IoT and Azure Value Proposition.

BizSpark Camps and BizSpark IT Camps
In collaboration with Microsoft BizSpark Program and the BizSpark Network Partners, MIC Torino holds the BizSpark Camps for ICT start-ups in all Italian Regions. The BizSpark Camp is a free training and consulting day principally focused on Microsoft Azure and cloud computing. During the events, the participating start-ups have the opportunity to become members of the BizSpark Program and to use all the free benefits that the Program offers in terms of free software, support and visibility.

Windows Embedded Courses
In collaboration with Microsoft partners and distributors, MIC Torino organizes training courses focused on Windows Embedded technologies. These courses are usually organized on more consecutive days, where the participants have the opportunity to create and test applications on the hardware devices available at the training room. The courses are mainly requested by software professionals that come from the industry and SMEs.

Joining is easy: look up the list of Training Activities and Events, then click the link to access to the registration form.

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