SafePort (Safe Port Operations using EGNOS SoL Services) is a Collaborative Project managed by BMT, and funded under the EU Seventh Framework Programme.

Many European Ports will reach full capacity in the next few years. Traditionally, this problem has been solved by expanding to occupy more land. However, this is often no longer possible due to both environmental and industrial and population density reasons Although there is considerable potential to increase efficiency (ultimately reducing docking times), the decline in seagoing personnel, combined with an increasing number of vessels in service has led to a significant reduction in the experience of crews and an increase in accidents.

SafePort takes its cue from the aviation industry, which has addressed safety issues created by increased traffic through increasing automation and the use of sophisticated traffic management systems.

SafePort aims to develop and demonstrate an Active vessel Traffic Management and Information System (A-VTMIS) to manage vessel movement within its jurisdiction. This will ensure that vessels follow safe paths without conflicting with other vessels and improve the efficiency of port operations. A pilot aid (SafePilot) which will ensure that harbour pilots can safely and efficiently navigate the courses provided by the A-VTMIS.

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